Apr 9

April 9, 2014


Charts & Post-Industrial Journalism

Summary: Choosing a Chart: Different charts emphasize different aspects of data. Whatever you want to find out determines the chart that you will use: comparisons, totals, or comparisons within categories. Stacked bar charts are needed if you want to know the total of the data. Grouped bar charts are better for comparison use. Side-by-side bar charts ease comparison within a category. Post-Industrial Journalism: There is no such thing as the “news industry” anymore. The newsmakers, the advertisers, the startups, and,…

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Mar 5

March 5, 2014


Apple CarPlay Integrates iPhone Into a Seamless Driving Experience

I'm hoping Samsung won't be far behind. Although I'd consider switching to an iPhone for this! #webpub http://t.co/Oo6lQoTmhU — Aisling Clare (@aislingclare27) March 5, 2014

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Mar 5

March 5, 2014


Finding & Using Data

Summary: News Apps: As data journalism continues to find its way into the newsroom, news apps with supplemental data take on larger roles in the mobile news world. In order to create a worthwhile, successful, long-lasting news app, it is important to know your users and focus on what they want. When developing a news app, ask yourself these questions before jumping in: Who is my audience, and what are their needs? How much should I spend on this? How…

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Feb 26

February 26, 2014


Data Literacy & Defining Infographics

Summary: Data Literacy: Journalists need to be able to understand and interpret data in order to use it to tell accurate, compelling stories. In addition, they also need to be able to know how to work with large data sets and perform various functions in order to clean up and analyze the data they have. This is especially true when making generalizations or working with averages or percentages to tell a story. When working with data like these, it is…

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